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What Guarantees Or Warranties Do You Provide?

If, for any reason, your landlord or airline does not accept your PDSC letter we will offer a FULL refund within the first 30 days from ordering.  The refund would be issued for the portion/letter that did not work.  For example, if it was a housing denial then a refund of $49 would be applied.  You must provide proof of the denial, but such occurrences are VERY rare.  All of our clinicians are fully licensed, and all PSA letters are signed and official. 

Where can I order a renewal and updated paperwork?

Renewals for updated paperwork can be ordered here: ORDER RENEWALS

How Long Does It Take For My PSA Letter To Arrive?

Typical turnaround time is under 12hrs.  via digital email copy once you complete the patient form instantly after payment is made.  Most orders are processed the same day, and ESA letters are provided by PDF through e-mail, and physical copies are mailed as well through priority USPS mail service (no extra cost).  We have several licensed physicians on staff that rotate their hours to help meet daily demand.  There is now a 12hr guarantee. If you don't receive your order in 12hrs it's free! If you order rush service it's guaranteed within 30 minutes or it's free!

Can I Order Only One Type Of PSA Letter, EITHER Housing OR Airline?

You can order renewal letters for $49 each and only order them individually, but only once you are ALREADY A PATIENT.  The initial fee of $98 adds you as a patient and covers both letters, shipping, tax, all extra review/services for additional housing/travel documents, and the doctors review fee.  Since it takes the same amount of time to produce both letters, you must order the combo initially.

Will You Fill Out My Airline (Delta, AA, United, JetBlue, Alaskan, Etc.) Or Housing Forms?

Yes, this is fully included in the ESA letter price for the first 30 days after payment is made. We offer a subscription package for future paperwork assistance (click here).  We include the ACTUAL forms provided from the airlines for Delta, American, United, Alaskan, Spirit, Hawaiian, & Jetblue.   Most companies charge over $100 a page, but we do so as part of the package.  Please note that our airline ESA letters meet all Spirit, Southwest and others requirements, so additional forms are NOT needed for them. 

In terms of housing or additional airlines, simply email us whatever housing or specialized form provided and your Dr. will review and help within their ability for 30 days from the date of your original order.

How will the new DOT flight rules effect me?

Our guarantee holds true for all of our services (airline and housing).  We will adapt paperwork once new regulations are adopted for full compliance.  Thank you!

How Can You Provide PSA Letters If The Doctor Isn't Seeing Me As A Patient In Person?

Our doctors take you on as a patient for the sole purpose of ESA letter consideration.  They review your file and responses to determine if an emotional support animal is necessary to improve your quality of life.  In some cases patients have local psychotherapists or physicians, but they are unable to properly format and write an ESA letter for airlines or housing.  We specialize in only ESA's, so we understand the laws and what it all entails.  Finding a local doctor that understands these letter requirements can be challenging, and occasionally very expensive.  We help bridge that gap between local doctors and ours.  An ESA letter is provided as a recommendation to have an emotional support animal, it is not a true medical diagnosis.  A medical diagnosis is not required to issue ESA paperwork.

Does My Letter Expire And How Do Expiration Dates Work?

We provide the current date on the letter when it is generated.  We do not build an 'expiration date' into the letter like some other suppliers.  However, airlines do require all ESA letters to be dated within 1 year of the flight.  You will need to renew your letter annually through our subscription service to maintain your ESA letters validity and generate new paperwork. 

How Am I Assessed, And When? Will I Be Approved?

When checking out you list a qualifying condition, and when possible, include comments about your disorder on the questionnaire form that populates once you pay.  Over 99% of potential patients qualify, and if you do not qualify through the survey, one of our clinicians will call to speak with you.  Your card is charged upon order submission and remains "PENDING"  until the clinical psychologist approves you as a patient. A full refund is issued if not approved.

What Is A Psychiatric Support Animal (PSA)?

A psychiatric support animal is similar to an emotional support animal (ESA) where a person is given the recommendation to have a pet that has been prescribed by a person’s licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist (any licensed mental health professional). The animal is part of the treatment program for this person and is designed to bring comfort and minimize the negative symptoms of the person’s emotional/psychological disability.

Which Animals Can Be Pyschiatric Support Animal (PSA)?

There are no legal restrictions for housing on which animal species is covered.  However, unusual pets like peacocks or snakes may require county permits to own in urban areas, and thus may be restricted.  Airlines restrict all reptiles, and mainly approve dogs, cats, mini horses, pigs, and other small mammals.  We make no guarantees on which animals will be approved for your specific use outside of dogs and cats.  Please call the airline to request if your species is restricted before flying or ordering.

What Animals Qualify To Be An PSA?

All domesticated animals may qualify as an ESA (cats, dog, and birds) and they can be any age (young puppies and kittens, too!). These animals do not need any specific task-training because their very presence mitigates the symptoms associated with a person’s psychological/emotional disability, unlike a working service dog. The only requirement is that the animal is manageable in public and does not create a nuisance in or around the home setting.

Does One PSA Letter Cover Multiple Animals Or Only One?

PSA letters are provided for patients from our physician.  It is a prescription from the doctor to a patient, so while it allows for an animal or animals to be had, it does not specify the PSA (dog, cat, bird, etc.).  You can use the letter for multiple animals, BUT some landlords require a special accommodation form for multiple pets.  We assist with this paperwork free of charge for the first 30 days or require a subscription to help after that time frame.

What Are Your Legal Protections and Rights?

The Air Carrier Access Act 49 U.S.C. 41705, Dept. of Transportation 14 C.F.R. Part 382, Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 are the laws that protect an emotionally disabled person and his/her ESA.

The legal protections an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) has are to:

  1. Fly with its emotionally or psychologically disabled handler in the cabin of an aircraft without being charged a pet fee.
  2. Qualify for no-pet housing (that also includes limited size, breed, or species housing) without being charged a pet fee.

How Will My Landlord Or Property Manager Be Able To Verify My Letter?

The letter you will receive includes our toll free # for verification.  The landlord may leave a voicemail and someone will return their call to verify your ESA prescription.  We do not release any personal information for HIPAA privacy reasons, and only confirm the validity of the letter and that you are indeed a patient for one of the doctors in our group.

Can California Residences Use Our ESA Letters

Recently the Health and Safety Code of California requires a 30 day relationship with a California licensed health care practitioner.  We have  a health care practitioner in the State of California.  

How Do I Renew My Letters, OR Order an ID Card/Service Vest SEPARATELY?

Once you're a patient you can order an ID card or service vest anytime. Renewals require a monthly subscription.

Do You Accept Medical Insurance?

Unfortunately due to the difficult nature of being reimbursed by insurance companies for emotional support animal exams, we regret that we are not able to accept medical insurance at this time. In light of this, we have tried our best to make the approval process as easy and as affordable as possible.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept the following payment types: Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, Paypal, Amazonpay, and more.

Does My PSA Need A Support Animal Vest?

A person who is assisted by an emotional support animal must have a properly formatted letter from a licensed mental health professional.
That’s all.  The ESA letter must state that the animal’s handler has an emotional or mental disability identified in the DSM V, and that the animal helps mitigate specific symptoms of the handler’s disability.  The letter is all that is required.  To reiterate however, an ESA vest made of a brightly-colored fabric, such as red or orange will help identify your pet as an emotional support animal. It is NOT required.

What Is Service Animal Registration?

In short, it's a scam perpetrated on the internet.  There is no legal 'registration database' or official registrar.  It is simply someone on the internet printing out fake certificates and accessories.  The ADA does not recognize ANY of the online service providers you see advertised.  We only provide PSA letters as a part of our clinical practice.    PSA letters are what provide real legal protection, allows for free travel and housing allowance through HUD laws.